How to / Configure DynDNS

DynDNS is a service from Dyn ( for tracking devices with dynamic IP addresses and making them accessible via an easy to read URL.

If a gateway is connected to the Internet using a 3G cellular connection, is will typically be assigned a dynamic IP address by the ISP which will expire after a period of time (usually every 24hrs).

It is important to track this change so users can connect to the gateway’s web interface in a browser to manage the sensor network, view data etc.

When a gateway detects that its external IP address has changed (i.e. it’s IP address on the Internet) it will notify a DynDNS server, and DynDNS will update a URL to point to the gateway’s the new IP address.

The following guide shows how to configure this service on and on the gateway.

Step 1 – Create a ‘Remote Access’ account at The cost as of February 2013 is $20/yr and ~ 30 gateways can be monitored using this type of account.

Step 2 – Sign in and navigate to My Services > DynDNS Pro / Hosts:

DynDNS Pro/Hosts Link

Step 3 – Select ‘Add New Hostname’ from the link within the ‘DynDNS Hostnames’ table.

DynDNS Add Hostname

Step 4 – Enter a hostname for the Gateway (this can be anything that easily identifies the gateway) and also select a domain name. This will form the URL that will be used to connect to the gateway.

DynDNS Add New Hostname

For the ‘Service Type’ field select ‘Host with IP address’. Enter the current IP address of the gateway (optional). Leave other fields blank / unselected.

Step 5 – On the gateway, log in and navigate to Settings > DynDNS

Setting up DynDNS

Fill in the form above with your DynDNS account username and password, select ‘No’ for Wildcard (assuming this is what was selected in Step 4 above) and also the Dynamic DNS Hostname as selected in Step 4. Save the settings. The gateway will automatically update its IP address with DynDNS and will be accessible from the hostname.

Note: The above guide is assuming that the gateway is directly connected to the Internet. If the gateway is behind a NAT / Firewall, port forwarding will need to be configured to map an external connection to the internal IP address of the gateway.