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Monitoring the secondary output of a CT with ZDR Application Note

This Application Note describes how to monitor the secondary output of existing current transformers with ZDR. This approach simplifies the electrical installation and reduces cost and disruption of collecting electricity consumption data from customer sites and assets. This approach may not be suitable for all programs, particularly those with requirements for high accuracy metering. Mini CT’s are available as an option on ZDR hardware v1.5 only and must be specified at time of order (see ‘ordering information’ from the ZDR user guide). 

EpiSensor’s Demand Response Controller is an all-in-one solution for large-scale Demand Side Response programs. Built on EpiSensor’s hardened Industrial IoT platform, it meets the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and security, with a consumer-class user experience that’s easy to install, configure and maintain. 


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Monitoring the secondary output of a CT with ZDR