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IoT infrastructure for the sustainable energy transition

Deploy and scale faster and easier

EpiSensor energy management and demand response solutions are more flexible, robust, and affordable – even in the harshest environments on earth.

Empowering partners to build world-class energy services

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Global leaders in the sustainable energy transition

We provide wireless sensors and infrastructure, offer advice on complex installations, and customise our own components and Gateway to enable our partners to deploy faster and more easily – anywhere on earth.






Devices Deployed


Proven Performance
Flexible. Robust. Easy.

Energy Management infrastructure – with zero compromise

Monitor and manage energy use across commercial and industrial sites. Make informed decisions that improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. Our partners win projects in harsh environments where performance and security are crucial – because no one else can match our capabilities or ease-of-use.

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Accurate. Secure. Scalable.

Demand Response Infrastructure that’s trusted by leading aggregators

Deploy distributed demand response systems that enable aggregators to support the grid in real-time and increase the adoption of renewable energy. EpiSensor has designed the world’s most advanced hardware and software platform for demand response. Now you can join the dots between energy supply and demand with confidence.

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EpiSensor’s partnership has played an important role in our ability to win and deliver projects for customers of all sizes and industries around the world, including first-of-kind projects with big multinational brands in the most innovative markets.

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Why EpiSensor

IoT infrastructure designed to move fast

EpiSensor infrastructure is unique. It’s an accurate, affordable, secure and open architecture – that’s also easy to use.

Traditional providers offer solutions that might be accurate and reliable – but they’re typically closed, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Consumer products are easy to use – but they’re inaccurate and unsuitable for industrial and commercial environments.

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Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. We started 15 years ago with sensors for energy management - and now we’ve developed cutting-edge technologies for demand response. I’m excited by what we’ll get to design next.

Brendan Carroll, CEOEpiSensor
Who We Work With

Industrial IoT infrastructure that works for your business


Components that give you unprecedented control

Image of all EpiSensor Solutions - Offering unprecedented control

Easy-to-use visual programming for IoT Gateways. Gather data from legacy systems, build custom integrations to 3rd party cloud platforms, translate sensor data formats and monitor system health remotely!


Enterprise-class device management for EpiSensor hardware and IoT Gateways. Monitor and control all of your IoT devices securely and remotely, behind customer firewalls and NAT.


Battle-hardened wireless sensor hardware for Energy Monitoring, Demand Response, Frequency Response, Industrial Communications Protocols (Modbus, M-Bus), Digital & Analogue Signals, Temperature, Humidity and Air Quality.


A powerful, rugged and secure embedded computer with an IoT app store and many wired and wireless communications interfaces: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Cellular, LoRa, GPS, CANbus, RS-485

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