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EpiSensor provides a powerful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that makes it easier than ever to collect data from the real world.

Deploy and configure our complete range of wireless sensors – without any expert knowledge or training – all from an easy-to-use web interface on our IIOT Gateway.

EpiSensor’s Industrial IoT platform is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries, from refrigeration monitoring to energy management, and can be deployed in the most harsh, secure and mission critical environments.

Huge value can be released by connecting the EpiSensor platform to one or more cloud-based software tools to store, analyse and visualise live data.

By providing insight into problems and inefficiencies, people can make better decisions – that reduce cost, improve performance and increase sustainability.

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An Intuitive User Interface

Connect new sensors, change settings, configure data export to cloud software tools – all aspects of the EpiSensor IoT platform are configurable from a user-friendly web interface on the Gateway.


Designed for Mobile

When adding a new sensor, users can change settings and check wireless signal strength from any mobile device as you walk around a site – iPhone, iPad and Android devices are supported natively.


Layout View

Build strong and reliable mesh networks using the Layout View on the Gateway to confirm that each wireless device has multiple redundant communications paths. All EpiSensor (mains-powered) nodes will route data, making the wireless network stronger with every device added.


‘Allow Join’ Mode

Adding new devices is easy. Start small and expand your monitoring system over time – no complex commissioning or system design required. Simply enable ‘Allow Join’ mode on the Gateway, and press a button on the new sensor to add it to the platform.

Complete range of sensor products

We have a full range of products that can monitor electricity, water, gas, temperature, humidity, and many other standard signals and protocols – accurately and reliably – in the most harsh industrial and commercial environments.

Interface to specialised instruments and equipment to monitor everything from pH and CO2, to flow rates, occupancy, vibration and machine status using our range of analogue and digital signal sensors.

This gives users the freedom to design IoT solutions that would never be practical or economic using traditional control and automation systems.

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Start building your Industrial IoT solution today. Select a Gateway, select the sensor products you need, add range extenders for extra wireless coverage, and start collecting live data! To visit our online shop, click here. If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ page, Documentation, Compatible Software or Helpdesk page. Check out this month’s featured products: