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Wireless Demand Response Controller (ZDR-2X) Datasheet

EpiSensor’s Demand Response Controller is an all-in-one solution for large-scale Demand Side Response programs. Built on EpiSensor’s hardened Industrial IoT platform, it meets the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and security, with a consumer-class user experience that’s easy to install, configure and maintain. 

Key Features

  • Security from edge to cloud
  • 1 second cloud data streaming
  • 20ms event data recording
  • GPS/GNSS time synchronisation
  • 3-phase power meter (Class 0.5S)
  • 5A / 250V switching capability
  • 100ms under-frequency response time
  • Fully wireless communications
  • Connect many ZDR’s to one Gateway
  • Modbus RTU (Master, RS-485, up to 4 clients)
  • CANbus


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Datasheet ZDR-2X