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Gateway (ZGW)

A powerful, rugged and secure embedded computer with an IoT app store and many wired and wireless communications interfaces: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Cellular, LoRa, GPS, CANbus, RS-485



A complete range of battle-hardened wireless sensors that enable our partners to build enterprise-class demand response solutions, monitor environment conditions and manage energy use across commercial and industrial sites.

Get real-time visibility into the performance of sites and assets, so you can make informed decisions and change behaviour to reduce costimprove efficiencyreduce carbon footprints and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy

Demand Response Controller (ZDR)

ZDR-v2-small product image

Wireless Electricity Monitor (ZEM)

ZEM-v2-small product image

Wireless Analogue Signal Sensor (ZIO/ZVO)

IoT Device

Wireless Digital Signal Sensor (ZPC/ZDI)

IoT Device

Wireless M-Bus Interface (ZHM)

IoT Device

Wireless Modbus Interface (ZMB)

IoT Device

Wireless Probe Temperature Sensor (TES)

IoT Device

Wireless Ambient Temp & Humidity Sensor (ZHT)

Wireless Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Wireless Range Extender (RTO)

IoT Device


Data graph EpiSensor Core


Enterprise-class device management for EpiSensor hardware and IoT Gateways. Monitor and control all of your IoT devices securely and remotely.

Edge screenshot image EpiSensor


Easy-to-use visual programming for IoT Gateways. Gather data from legacy systems, build custom cloud integrations, translate sensor data and monitor system health remotely.

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June 12, 2024

Employees manage inventory at commercial meat processing plant. Source: Canva.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: How Foyle Food Group Slashed Energy & Gas Consumption with EpiSensor IoT

March 19, 2024


Reducing Energy Consumption & Costs at 3Arena, Ireland’s Largest Indoor Venue

March 4, 2024

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