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Enterprise-class device management for EpiSensor hardware and IoT Gateways. Monitor and control all of your IoT devices securely and remotely, behind customer firewalls and NAT.

Data graph EpiSensor Core

Remote Monitoring

Check the status of every device and take action when connectivity fails or safe limits are exceeded

Sensor Data

Get fast and easy access to an unlimited store of time-series data from your portfolio of sensors


Build control systems, alerts, data export rules and interactions between sensors and actuators


Send data securely to 3rd party software platforms, databases and dashboards. View current integrations here.

Server Monitoring

Core doesn’t just monitor remote Sensors and Gateways, it monitors the server or virtual machine it’s running on. Check CPU, Disk, RAM usage and software versions. Monitor MQTTS connection status, and the number of data points, sync events and commands that Core has processed.

Core Server Status Image EpiSensor
EpiSensor Core User Visibility and Access

User Management

Users can be invited to Organisations, which can represent projects, teams, partners or customers. Assign roles to users increase security. Give contractors, customers and partners access to their own data. Tag users for easy filtering and send alerts by User Tag, so the whole team can stay informed.

Snap Controls

Monitoring and controlling application software on remote Gateways is easy with EpiSensor Core. Gateways connected to Core can monitor other apps on the system (packaged as ‘snaps’ for Ubuntu Core) even behind Firewalls and NAT.

Core snap management EpiSensor
Core automation EpiSensor

Powerful Automation

Build simple but powerful automations between sensors, send alerts or notifications when sensor data crosses a threshold, schedule commands to be sent to remote Gateways, Nodes or Sensors, and export sensor data to 3rd party platforms as it’s received by Core.

Built for Developers

Everything that can be done on the Core web and mobile apps can also be done via a well-documented, fast HTTP API. Integrate Core with in-house systems for monitoring, work orders and user management. Extend the functionality of Core to build completely new IoT applications.


Manage it all from your pocket


Easily add new Gateways to Core, and add new Nodes to Gateways using Bluetooth


Monitor the status of all Gateways and Nodes in your portfolio from your pocket!

Core Mobile Settings EpiSensor


Access to all of your sensor data, where and when you need it


Change the configuration of any Gateway, Node or Sensor remotely

Why wait?

With EpiSensor Core, you can monitor the health of your system remotely and quickly respond to any issues that may arise.

Try EpiSensor Core today!