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Energy Monitoring

We design, make and deliver reliable, secure and highly accurate wireless energy monitoring systems for commercial and industrial use.

Our partners win projects in harsh environments where performance and security are crucial – because no one else can match our capabilities or ease-of-use.

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Make site optimisation simple and slash maintenance costs

We blend rugged infrastructure and groundbreaking battery life with exceptional ease of use and API-based remote configuration to eliminate most site revisits.

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IoT infrastructure image - EpiSensor delivers advanced wireless IoT solutions for the sustainable energy transition
Deploy faster with resilient, robust and affordable IoT infrastructure

Our groundbreaking Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables rapid site deployment and same-day data visualisation, without the need for specialised expertise. The key to deploying energy monitoring systems to more sites, more quickly – is a monitoring system that can configure and troubleshoot itself automatically, and a hardened industrial product range that keeps running, even in the most demanding environments.

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Win more business with a flexible and scalable IoT infrastructure partner

Let us focus on delivering high-quality energy usage data, while you focus on reducing costs and emissions, and improving energy efficiency for your customers and clients. We can integrate with any energy data analysis platform, and have a complete range of sensors and software to collect the energy usage data you need from any meter, asset, signal, interface or 3rd party system.

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Brendan Carroll CEO EpiSensor discusses partnership with EpiSensor
Image of Gary Carroll, Co-Founder, EpiSensor

We pride ourselves in providing one of the most accurate solutions on the market. Backed by 50+ years of experience, we design products that are easy to install, secure, reliable and most of all scalable.

Gary Carroll, FounderEpiSensor

Let us help you configure the system you need for your Energy Monitoring project

Easy-to-use visual programming environment for IoT Gateways. Read more about Edge.
Enterprise-class device management for IoT Gateways. Read more about Core.
Manage large networks of wireless nodes. Read more about Gateway.
Read more about the Wireless Pulse Counter (ZPC).
Read more about the Gateway.
Providing software and services for Energy Monitoring.
Reliable, standards-based remote control and data transfer.
Boost wireless signal to cover large areas, if required.
Monitor a wide range of parameters and industrial signals.
Interface to existing water, gas, heat, steam, oil and other utility meters.

Why do our customers choose to work with us?

EpiSensor systems have a unique combination of features and qualities that make them suitable for use in the most secure, harsh, commercial and industrial environments, while maintaining ease of installation and flexibility.

Easy to Use

Our systems are designed from the ground up to be easy to install and use. Plug in our Gateway, go to a website from your laptop, phone or tablet, and start building.

Fully Secure

The data produced by our systems is often highly sensitive, and can directly relate to production levels, environmental conditions or occupancy. Our systems are fully secure from sensor to server.


Data loss should never be acceptable. If there is a communications or power failure, our devices will log years of time-stamped data until the connection is restored.


Deploy a small system with a single sensor or a city-wide communications infrastructure. Our systems will scale gracefully, and expand as your monitoring requirements do.

Standards Based

We export data in open formats such as CSV, XML and JSON. This is essential if you need to integrate with enterprise systems, or simply decide to change software vendor.

Long Battery Life

We have spent years in the lab perfecting the low power electronics techniques used in our battery powered sensors. 10 year battery life means little or no maintenance costs.


When reducing energy usage, sometimes by single figure % points, it’s essential that the data you collect is accurate. Our electricity meters are accurate to Class 1 (+/- 1%).


Our product enclosures are waterproof as standard. Install indoors, outdoors, in clean, dirty or harsh environments – that’s one less design constraint to think about.

Developer Friendly

We produce accurate, real-time data in open formats – our systems are documented and designed to be integrated with. Start building exciting new applications today.

Energy Monitoring Hardware

Wireless Electricity Monitor (ZEM)

ZEM-v2-small product image
Learn More

Wireless Analogue Signal Sensor (ZIO/ZVO)

IoT Device
Learn More

Wireless Digital Signal Sensor (ZPC/ZDI)

IoT Device
Learn More

Wireless Modbus Interface (ZMB)

IoT Device
Learn More

Wireless M-Bus Interface (ZHM)

IoT Device
Learn More

Wireless Range Extender (RTO)

IoT Device
Learn More

Industrial IoT Gateway (ZGW)

Learn More

Episensor Edge

Edge screenshot image EpiSensor
Learn More

Episensor Core

Data graph EpiSensor Core
Learn More

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