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Wireless Range Extender (RTO-20) Datasheet – Discontinued

EpiSensor’s RTO-20 can extend wireless coverage of an EpiSensor system by up to 300m, with quick and easy installation by plugging into any mains power outlet.  It includes a high-quality, worldwide certified USB power supply with interchangeable pins for UK, EU, USA and AUS. 

Key Features

  • Security from edge to cloud
  • 128-bit AES data encryption
  • Incl. USB mains power supply (with interchangeable pins for UK, EU, USA, AUS)
  • Up to 32 ‘child’ nodes
  • Self-healing mesh network
  • 2.4GHz ISM band ZigBee® wireless radio
  • Over-the-air software upgrade capability
  • Remotely monitor Link quality and RSSI


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Datasheet Wireless Range Extender RTO-20