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Demand Response

We help the world’s leading aggregators deliver solutions that enable their customers to react in real-time to fluctuations on the grid.

We have designed the most advanced hardware and software platform for demand response and frequency response, which creates the communications link between energy supply and demand.

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The energy transition requires us to keep up with ever-changing rules and regulations in order to deliver our demand response services. EpiSensor enables us to meet those requirements in an agile and futureproof way.

John Byrne, Head of OperationsEnel X UK & Ireland
Win large projects with a proven and trusted demand response partner

We’ve helped our partners to deliver some of the largest demand and frequency response installations worldwide and to win business with multinational brands.

With 15 years in business, EpiSensor is trusted by leading demand response aggregators to deliver mission critical installations in some of the most harsh and secure environments.

EpiSensor ZDR Demand Response controller presented to Partner showcasing EpiSensor Dynamic Demand Response
EpiSensor ZDR installation for Demand Response and Dynamic Frequency response
Deliver scalable and reliable demand response systems – with ease

Our real-time IoT infrastructure can be commissioned by non-specialised personnel – reducing the cost of deployment significantly compared to traditional systems. We have the technology, tools and experience to deploy and manage tens of thousands of energy assets across multiple countries.

Achieve compliance with enterprise security and world-class accuracy

As Transmission Systems Operators (TSO) and Distribution System Operators (DSO) define new markets and technical requirements, it’s essential to be able to adapt quickly. Enterprise-grade security from end-to-end is essential for the sites we deploy to – like banks, data centres, manufacturing plants and grid-scale batteries – to mitigate evolving security threats.

Data centre image. EpiSensor's IoT infrastructure is deployed in data centres to drive the energy transition, such as dynamic demand response.
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EpiSensor’s partnership has played an important role in our ability to win and deliver projects for customers of all sizes and industries around the world, including first-of-kind projects with big multinational brands in the most innovative markets.

John Byrne, Head of OperationsEnel X UK & Ireland

Let us help you configure the system you need for your Demand Response project

Reliable, standards-based remote control and data transfer.
Enterprise-class device management for IoT Gateways. Read more about Core.
Manage large networks of wireless nodes. Read more about Gateway.
Easy-to-use visual programming environment for IoT Gateways. Read more about Edge.

Why do our customers choose to work with us?


All EpiSensor demand response controllers are individually factory calibrated to Class 0.5S accuracy and are capable of 100ms under-frequency response time. We pair each meter with a set of CTs or Rogowski Coils during manufacture and calibrate the electronics using laboratory-grade equipment.


Our Industrial IoT Platform allows you to manage thousands of sites spread across multiple countries, all reporting data in real time to your IT infrastructure. These sites can include multiple Gateways capable of collecting and reporting data from up to 100 controllers each.


We implement enterprise-class security from ‘sensor to server’. Your data flows directly from the Gateway to your cloud infrastructure. Our ZigBee Pro wireless sensor network uses AES 128-bit encrypted communications, operating in the international license-free 2.4GHz ISM band.

Ease of Installation

Our IoT platform can be commissioned by non-specialised personnel, without the need for specialised experience with traditional automation system technologies. All aspects of the system can be configured from an easy-to-use web interface on the Gateway, or remotely via an API.

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Let's Build Your Demand Response System Together