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Warranty & RMA

All EpiSensor products are provided with a 365 day limited warranty effective from the shipping/invoice date of an order. During the warranty period, under the conditions of normal use, EpiSensor will repair or replace any product that has a manufacturing defect. It is possible to raise an RMA request via our website, by clicking the button below or following the steps when clicking the “Get in Touch” button in the top right-hand corner. You can also contact us by emailing

Warranty Terms

Repairs made by EpiSensor’s support centre are warranted for the remainder of the warranty period. If a component is removed from a product during a repair and replaced, this will remain the property of EpiSensor. EpiSensor’s product warranty does not cover accessories supplied with the product such as mounting kits etc, and does not cover the replacement of batteries.

The return of an EpiSensor product during the warranty period does not necessarily mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon receipt of the product in question, EpiSensor will verify whether the conditions for application of the guarantee are met. If the defective product does not meet the criteria of warranty, the customer will be requested to bear the cost of repair and associated shipping costs.

For an RMA request to be processed, goods must be shipped in a securely protected shipping container or packaging. If an EpiSensor product is received which is physically damaged, tampered with, altered and abused, the RMA request will be refused and the warranty voided. Similarly, if a product has been installed incorrectly and damaged, for example, connected to a high voltage that is out of specification for the product, this will not be covered under our warranty. If a product is installed in a location or environment that causes damage, such as in a wet, humid, hot or high/low-pressure environment that is out of specification for the product, it will also not be covered by our warranty.

RMA Procedure

Before returning products to EpiSensor you must first raise an RMA request by clicking the button above or the Get in Touch button at the top right-hand corner of the EpiSensor website. Please include as much technical information as possible in the request, and also the serial numbers of the hardware being returned. An RMA is valid for 15 days from the date of request – if this period has expired without returning the product, you will need to re-submit the RMA request form. All returns to EpiSensor must be freight prepaid.

All RMA returns must be received by EpiSensor before the expiration date of the warranty. Returned items diagnosed with “No Problem Found” by EpiSensor technical support will be charged a handling fee of €80 in addition to the return shipping costs. Our standard RMA turnaround time is 30 days from the date of received goods.

Return Shipping

All costs for returning your EpiSensor product to EpiSensor are your sole responsibility. This includes removal of the products from the site, packaging, shipping with tracking and insurance, taxes, duties and any related costs. EpiSensor product must be returned in its original packaging unless otherwise agreed, in new or as-new condition (depending on the reason for return), with all of its accessories.

EpiSensor will pay the return shipping charges on the replacement product if a fault has been found and if the product is within the warranty period, with title and risk passing to you once EpiSensor makes the replacement product available for shipment. EpiSensor’s warranty does not cover the installation, commissioning or configuration of returned products on customer sites.

Shipping Damage

If a product or shipment has been damaged in transit, please notify the courier, take a photo of the damaged packaging and contact – EpiSensor will work with you and the courier to resolve the issue and replace the damaged product or shipment.