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Deliver scalable and reliable energy services – with ease.

Our real-time IoT infrastructure can be commissioned  by non-specialised personnel – reducing the cost of deployment significantly compared to traditional systems.

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“EpiSensor’s partnership has played an important role in our ability to win and deliver projects for customers of all sizes and industries around the world, including first-of-kind projects with big multinational brands in the most innovating markets.”

John Byrne, Head of Operations
Enel X UK & Ireland

Empowering partners to build world-class energy services

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Industrial IoT infrastructure that works for your business

ESCOs can deliver projects faster and scale more efficiently

Energy services companies can deliver cost-effective projects that maximise customer satisfaction and minimise site revisits - thanks to our IoT infrastructure.

System Integrators can simplify installation and deploy faster

Our flexible and responsive IoT infrastructure can be deployed faster and more affordably - which can boost revenue for systems integrators.

SaaS platforms can rely on our easy to integrate systems

Our technology will integrate effortlessly with your platform - providing reliable sensor data and full control via comprehensive APIs

Distributors can reduce their customer support burden

Our energy monitoring systems are easy to deploy, train and offer guidance on – so distributors can reduce their support requests and drive more sales.

Resellers can offer an affordable system that’s easy to use

Our components form an affordable energy monitoring system with an open architecture that’s easy for customers to install and maintain.

Energy Managers can efficiently audit & reduce energy consumption & spend

With our technology, Energy Managers can easily deploy and scale energy monitoring systems in a variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Why our clients partner with us


When reducing energy usage, sometimes by figure % points, it’s essential that the data you collect is accurate. Our electricity meters are accurate to Class 1 (+/-1%). Our demand response controllers are individually factory calibrated to Class 0.5S accuracy and are capable of 100ms under-frequency response time.


Our Industrial IoT Platform allows you to manage thousands of sites spread across multiple countries, all reporting data in real time to your IT infrastructure. These sites can include multiple Gateways capable of collecting and reporting data from up to 100 controllers each.


We implement enterprise-class security from ‘sensor to server’. Your data flows directly from the Gateway to your cloud infrastructure. Our ZigBee Pro wireless sensor network uses AES 128-bit encrypted communications, operating in the international license-free 2.4GHz ISM band.

Ease of Installation

Plug in our Gateway, go to a website from your laptop, phone or tablet, and start building. All aspects of system can be configured from an easy-to-use web interface on the Gateway, or remotely via an API.

Easy to Use

Our systems are designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Our IoT infrastructure can be commissioned by non-specialised personnel – reducing the cost of deployability significantly compared to traditional systems.

Developer Friendly

We export data in open formats such as CSV, XML and JSON. This is essential if you need to integrate with enterprise systems, or simply decide to change software vendor.

Tired of these problems?

Are you struggling to scale energy services fast?

Struggling to find demand response systems that meet your needs?

Is your current energy monitoring hardware difficult to install and set up?

Searching for an IoT partner that can help you gain a competitive edge?

Need a versatile monitoring solution with seamless BMS integration?

Seeking a partner that will help you expand your global footprint?

Partnering with EpiSensor solves all these issues.

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EpiSensor gives us confidence that we can scale our business and take our energy monitoring solutions worldwide.

David Robinson, Global Strategic Business DevelopmentCapula

Global leaders in the sustainable energy transition

We provide wireless sensors and infrastructure, offer advice on complex installations, and customise our own components and Gateway to enable our partners to deploy faster and more easily – anywhere on earth.






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Proven Performance
Image of Cristina Coffey, CSO, EpiSensor, IoT infrastructure for the sustainable energy transition.

Partnering with EpiSensor means gaining access to high-performance IoT infrastructure that enables you to scale energy services at pace. Existing partners deploy faster and consistently win more business with EpiSensor. That's the measure of our success.

Cristina Coffey, CSOEpiSensor

We’ll help you configure the system you need for your next project

Reliable, standards-based remote control and data transfer.
Enterprise-class device management for IoT Gateways. Read more about Core.
Manage large networks of wireless nodes. Read more about Gateway.
Easy-to-use visual programming environment for IoT Gateways. Read more about Edge.

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