EpiSensor’s Industrial IoT platform makes it easier to collect data, so you can focus on building solutions that deliver real value to customers. You can find technical documentation below on our full range of sensor products that can monitor all types of environmental and energy usage parameters in commercial and industrial environments.

Energy Management with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-115-00 July 30, 2018 Download
Monitoring Vibration with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-062-00 July 30, 2018 Download
Predictive Maintenance with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-060-00 July 30, 2018 Download
Refrigeration Monitoring with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-061-00 July 30, 2018 Download
ISO 50001 and the advantages of the EpiSensor Platform
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Application Notes EPI-059-02 July 30, 2018 Download
District Heating Management with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-065-00 July 30, 2018 Download
Monitoring Modbus Devices with the EpiSensor ZMB
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Application Notes EPI-063-00 August 2, 2018 Download
EpiSensor System Architecture
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Application Notes EPI-116-00 July 31, 2018 Download
Demand Response with EpiSensor
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Application Notes EPI-121-00 August 14, 2018 Download
Application Note – Configuring the High Speed Data Module on ZDR
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Application Notes EPI-131-02 October 18, 2019 Download
Application Note – Monitoring the secondary output of a CT with ZDR
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Application Notes EPI-144-00 October 18, 2019 Download