Gateway / Software Upgrade

The Software Upgrade page of the ‘About’ section facilitates upgrading of the Gateway software remotely. EpiSensor will provide software upgrades in the form of a compressed archive file (XXX.tgz) and an accompanying MD5 checksum file (XXX.tgz.md5). Only compressed archive files and MD5 checksum files as provided by EpiSensor should be used to upgrade the Gateway application software.

Update Gateway Software

To perform a software upgrade, choose the upgrade file and the checksum file to use and click the ‘Software Upgrade’ button. The following dialog box will be shown, and the software upgrade archive and MD5 checksum should be selected.

Software Update Select File

The software upgrade process will take several minutes to complete and will result in the gateway application being restarted. If the upgrade process has commenced, a positive response message will be displayed after clicking the ‘Software Upgrade’ button.

The upgrade process will automatically verify the software upgrade file against the MD5 checksum, decompress the archive, apply the update and restart the Gateway. The detailed results of the software upgrade can be seen in the log file, or more generally if the upgrade has been successful the Gateway Software Version will have been updated on the About > Overview page.

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