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CoolPlanet’s Path to Greater Energy Savings and ROI in Manufacturing Using EpiSensor Technology

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Wicklow, Ireland

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Manufacturing Company


Energy Services Company (ESCO)

Key Products Used
Key Points of Interest
  • 10-week ROI on initial energy metering spend. 
  • Savings of £500k achieved to date. 
  • Reduction in processing disruptions and product wastage due to the implementation of asset monitoring. 
  • Capital investment qualified through data
About Our Partner

CoolPlanet has over 15 years of experience in decarbonising complex industrial organisations worldwide. With minimal disruption to production, CoolPlanet combines its extensive subject matter expertise and engineering-led decarbonisation platform to maximise energy efficiency,  achieve substantial carbon reduction, and get companies to their net zero goals. EpiSensor industrial IoT technology integrates seamlessly with CoolPlanetOS, CoolPlanet’s proprietary sustainability software. CoolPlanet operates across a wide range of industries. Here, we examine how they achieved substantial cost savings and a rapid ROI for their large-scale manufacturing client.   

The Challenge 

Before engaging CoolPlanet, the manufacturing firm under review (the “client”) had no metering in place and therefore no data intelligence on how its facilities and assets were performing from an energy consumption perspective. In addition, the client was hesitant to make a substantial capital investment in metering equipment, without knowing the potential benefits. 

About the programme 

The first step was to gather historical data from all utility providers and ingest that information into CoolPlanetOS. This led to some quick wins around reductions in gas and electricity. At the same time, a metering gap analysis took place and the client proceeded with investing in 26 energy meters provided by EpiSensor. The initial return on investment on the metering spend was just 10 weeks and savings to date have equated to almost £250k. 

Our Contribution

Following the success of year one, the client embarked on a full metering rollout, introducing a variety of EpiSensor sensors and meters to capture electricity consumption and asset performance. This initiative enabled the collection and analysis of critical data through CoolPlanetOS, offering actionable insights into energy consumption patterns and operational inefficiencies.

Cool Planet EpiSensor Energy Management Sample Process Flow
The Results
  • Quick Wins and Immediate ROI: The initial introduction of energy metering, combined with data analysis through CoolPlanetOS led to immediate savings of almost £250k for the client, with an impressive return on investment in just 10 weeks.
  • Hot Oil Boiler and Production Savings: Their hot oil boiler system is required to run continuously to keep raw materials at a specific temperature, however, the boiler would regularly trip at weekends, which resulted in costly losses of raw materials. By leveraging EpiSensor sensors and CoolPlanetOS to alert onsite maintenance staff immediately to boiler outages, the client achieved overall cost savings of £90,000. 
  • Process Optimisation: Data-driven analysis by CoolPlanet subject matter experts using CPOS revealed that one of the client’s two production lines was 10% more efficient. This insight guided the decision to add a third, more efficient production line, saving £122,215 in capital costs while enhancing overall production efficiency.
  • Asset Performance: A specific asset was continuously breaking down, resulting in product losses and ongoing maintenance costs. Granular asset performance analysis revealed the way the machinery was managed by employees impacted its overall efficiency and system health. By adjusting the ongoing asset management, CoolPlanet were able to introduce savings of £34,000 in maintenance and replacement costs for their client.
  • Energy Consumption: Monitoring of the chiller and compressor units revealed unnecessary energy use outside production hours. Simple behavioural changes resulted in savings of £13,566.
Robotics in manufacturing facility showcasing energy management in manufacturing

CoolPlanet and EpiSensor excel in energy management for manufacturing. Source: Canva.

A collaboration that led to transformational change 

The real-time monitoring and granular data capabilities provided by EpiSensor IoT solutions empowered CoolPlanet to achieve remarkable efficiency and cost savings for their client, a market leader in manufacturing. Our infrastructure’s scalability, ease of deployment, and flexibility helped CoolPlanet introduce new sensors and meters with minimal onsite disruption. 

This remarkable success story demonstrates our commitment to supporting partners like CoolPlanet in delivering innovative global solutions for enhanced energy management in a variety of industrial settings. 

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