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Reducing Energy Consumption & Costs at 3Arena, Ireland’s Largest Indoor Venue

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Key Products Used
Key Points of Interest
  • Cost Reductions: Achieved 6-figure cost savings per annum (€1,000 hourly).
  • Operational Benefits: Real-time, granular, energy management data enabled 3Arena to optimise energy usage and reduce waste.
  • Enabling New Business Models: Advanced business transformation using EpiSensor technology – driving energy efficiency and sustainability.

3Arena, located in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands, is the largest indoor arena in Ireland, boasting a capacity of over 13,000. Part of the LiveNation global group of entertainment arenas, this premier venue is a hub for a wide array of events, including concerts, entertainment shows, and performances by top comedians. Given its expansive size, the arena incurs significant energy costs, driven by its extensive lighting and ventilation systems, and the high volume of event attendees. Additionally, as the venue transitions from a dormant state to full capacity in just a few hours, the energy demand spikes dramatically. Managing this substantial usage and ongoing energy demand fluctuations efficiently is crucial to minimising energy costs and reducing the environmental impact of the venue.

The Challenge:

3Arena approached EpiSensor with several challenges related to their energy use. Their overarching goal was to reduce energy costs and advance their sustainability efforts, with a focus on monitoring both electricity and gas consumption. The main issue was the lack of detailed insights into their energy consumption, both during low-activity periods when the venue was almost empty, and at full capacity during events. The arena’s Facilities Management team sought to gain a better understanding of the energy usage in the venue as a whole and in specific areas, particularly the various entertainment bars that remain open after hours for artists. The variability in event types and the corresponding energy needs made it difficult for 3Arena to accurately predict and reduce energy costs. They wanted to achieve a more precise calculation of energy expenditure per event, factoring in the number of spaces in use and the nature of the event (be it music, entertainment, comedy etc.). This level of detail was crucial for better cost projection and financial planning. 

The urgency of these efforts increased dramatically after COVID-19, when it became clear that the venue’s energy consumption required additional attention. Despite being effectively dormant for 8 months, many areas of the building remained lit and air-conditioned. This, along with escalating energy costs, made reducing consumption a top priority. 

Our Contribution:

EpiSensor responded to 3Arena’s challenges by implementing a comprehensive energy management solution, incorporating electricity usage and gas consumption monitoring. Our approach included the deployment of our wireless electricity monitors, wireless digital signal sensors for accurate gas monitoring and a series of API-enabled Gateways, from which data can be easily extracted and analysed. Crucially, EpiSensor’s IoT energy management system needed to reside alongside the 3Arena’s existing BMS (Building Management System) and temperature monitoring infrastructure. This compatibility was essential for enabling comprehensive, real-time energy management, without disrupting the existing operational workflows or modifications to the current systems.

The EpiSensor Wireless Electricity Monitors were strategically placed to capture accurate electricity usage data throughout the arena, including the targeted entertainment bars. For gas consumption monitoring, the battery-powered Wireless Digital Signal Sensor was employed to provide detailed usage insights. This device’s extended battery life meant minimal maintenance for the onsite team.


3Arena, Ireland’s largest indoor entertainment venue. Source: 3Arena

"Partnering with EpiSensor has been a game-changer for 3Arena, enabling us to dramatically cut energy costs, identify new cost-savings opportunities, and boost our sustainability efforts."

Bob Tyler, Facilities Management Lead3Arena
The Results: 

By leveraging EpiSensor’s technology, 3Arena gained the ability to accurately measure and analyse their energy consumption. This enabled the venue to make informed decisions on how to efficiently manage energy usage for events, how to manage energy when the building is dormant, and to identify opportunities for reducing energy waste. 

Some of the most beneficial results achieved include: 

  1. Cost Savings through Lighting & Ventilation Scheduling: By initiating venue lighting and air conditioning closer to event start times than before and strategically scheduling building services (such as cleaning) around times when the building is already lit, the venue is benefiting from cost savings exceeding €1,000 per hour. This strategic shift has led to substantial financial savings, demonstrating the value of granular energy management.
  2. Targeted Lighting to Reduce Energy Usage: Implementing a policy of lighting only the areas in use, tailored to the specific requirements of each event or service being undertaken in the building, has significantly cut down on energy consumption and spend. This approach not only optimises resource use but also aligns with broader energy conservation goals.
  3. Clear ROI on Operational Change: Demonstrating clear returns on investment has streamlined the decision-making process for implementing energy-related operational change.
  4. Advancing New Energy-Saving Programmes: Through gaining granular, targeted, energy insights, 3Arena’s Facilities Management team has been able to progress large-scale change management programmes, such as the phased introduction of LED lighting throughout the building.
  5. Improved Cost Projections: With a deeper understanding of energy consumption patterns and expenses associated with different types of events, the venue can now more accurately project event costs.
  6. Enabling New Business Models and Pricing Strategies: Precision data enables more effective pricing strategies, taking into account the specific energy needs and temperature preferences, as well as the operational requirements for entertainment bars. 
  7. Sustainability Measures to Mitigate Environmental Impact: The introduction of targeted energy-saving measures has substantially reduced the venue’s environmental footprint. Preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), these efforts demonstrate the venue’s proactive approach to environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance.

"Helping 3Arena significantly reduce their energy bills and introduce new and effective energy-saving programmes across the venue has been a highlight for us at EpiSensor.
Driving energy efficiency is often overlooked and this programme demonstrates the power of IoT in delivering transformative change!”

John Ginnane, Head of Operations and SupportEpiSensor

Together, these impacts highlight the financial and operational benefits of adopting advanced energy management solutions, and their contribution to our sustainable energy future. 

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