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Wireless Probe Temperature Sensor (TES-2X)

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Wireless Temperature Sensor (TES-2X)

EpiSensor’s TES is a flexible, highly accurate, wireless ambient temperature sensor. It can monitor environmental conditions in buildings and assets remotely and securely via the EpiSensor Gateway, providing Facilities Managers and System Integrators with the granular real-time data they need to improve efficiency, enhance building occupant experience, reduce costs and improve performance.

Key Product Features

Security from edge to cloud

Fully wireless communications

Various probe and mounting options available

Waterproof IP67 Polycarbonate Enclosure

Over-the-air software upgrade capability

Local data logging (up to 2 years)

Self-healing mesh network

2.4GHz ISM band ZigBee® wireless radio

How To Calibrate a Temperature Sensor Application Note
Temperature Sensor (TES-2X) Datasheet
Wireless Temperature Sensor (TES-2X) Install Sheet
Wireless Temperature Sensor (TES-2x) User Guide
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