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Veolia gets control of data with EpiSensor’s Industrial IoT Platform

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International Energy Services Group


Energy Services

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  • 1300 locations availing of heat and water monitoring
  • 6 weeks full system deployment time
  • 15 feeds of data made available from each apartment
  • kWh usage data enabled Veolia to produce bills in-house and manage credit for residents, replacing a legacy ‘top up’ system

Veolia is a multinational energy, waste, and water management company with an annual turnover of approximately €30bn. Employing over 300,000 people in 48 countries, Veolia is one of the global leaders in managing energy usage for public authorities, housing trusts, and a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers.


Veolia manages the energy centre at Hale Village, a housing complex in North London with a focus on sustainability, and had a need to monitor where and when energy was being used in apartments and plant equipment, to improve energy efficiency and offer a better billing service to residents. 

“Our sites are varied and often feature patchworks of existing systems with gaps that require additional infrastructure - so we need a system that’s interoperable and able to be deployed in a range of scenarios.”

Paul Moloney, Contracts Manager (Energy Markets & Hubgrade)Veolia

Deploying the EpiSensor Industrial IoT platform gave Veolia’s energy team control of their energy usage data, enabling them to provide a better billing experience to residents of Hale Village, and gave them the tools they needed to improve energy efficiency on site.

“I’m genuinely impressed with EpiSensor’s solution - and they’ve provided the best customer relations that I’ve experienced.”

Paul Moloney, Contracts Manager (Energy Markets & Hubgrade)Veolia
Hale Village energy efficiency

Monitoring water usage in real time has enabled Veolia to raise alerts if there are consistent, high levels of water usage. Previously, there was no visibility into how water was being used by residents, and there were multiple cases of ‘bill shock’ where months after a leak, residents received large bills from their water utility, unaware that a problem existed. 

Monitoring heat and water usage at an apartment level has significantly improved the level of service that Veolia can provide to residents in Hale Village. Veolia are notified of issues with the Heating Interface Unit even before the residents have realised there is a problem, and a legacy billing system that involved topping up credit in a local newsagent, has been replaced with a real-time billing solution that lets residents top up online or receive regular bills within a credit limit. 

Veolia has full control over the data that’s collected, and the freedom and flexibility to analyse it using standard in-house tools.

EpiSensor’s technology is fantastic. It’s reliable, easy to deploy - and integrates seamlessly with our systems. Their team's flexible and fast - they help us to navigate our way and develop, design, and deliver solutions. I don't think anyone could match EpiSensor's response speed.

Paul Moloney, Contracts Manager (Energy Markets & Hubgrade)Veolia

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