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How CoolPlanet continued serving their clients during COVID

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CoolPlanet is a global leader in industrial-scale decarbonisation. They combine technology and world-leading engineering expertise to help complex organisations reach Net Zero faster, at scale.


Prior to COVID-19, CoolPlanet was typically implementing wired metering solutions for their customers. When the COVID restrictions came in, the CoolPlanet contractors couldn’t access the customer sites anymore. They had to find an easy to install wireless solution that still provided the accuracy and reliability of their previous systems.

The team found the EpiSensor wireless products that stood out as proven and highly trusted, having been on the market for a long time. The EpiSensor IoT infrastructure had the features and functionality required for the projects CoolPlanet had in the pipeline and they were easy to install.

“EpiSensor’s wireless solution was very easy to install and set up - so customers could do the work themselves without relying on a third-party contractor to do the installation. Customer’s existing maintenance and electrical team can handle this in-house which lowers the likelihood for issues.”

explains David Warren, Data Acquisition EngineerCoolPlanet

With the EpiSensor solution, CoolPlanet found that the systems they install are easy to expand, as customers can just add new sensors to their own network. This reduces the cost of installation and commissioning and takes advantage of the features and resilience offered by wireless, mesh and Zigbee technologies – like the ability to heal the network and bring devices back online automatically if they ever drop out.

The EpiSensor Industrial IoT solution integrates easily with Clarity, CoolPlanet’s software platform that allows customers to track and manage their own energy usage on site.

"We were very confident in EpiSensor’s ability to deliver from day one. We can lean on their engineers’ technical knowledge and advice to find the best hardware and solution for each application." explains David

David Warren, Data Acquisition EngineerCoolPlanet

The updates that the EpiSensor team has developed and pushed to the Gateway over the years coupled with the team’s flexibility, have also helped CoolPlanet achieve their goals for each customer.

"EpiSensor’s scalability and ability to add new features gives us more options whenever we explore and design solutions to roll out for our customers." said David

David Warren, Data Acquisition EngineerCoolPlanet

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