Case Study

Capula develops an easy-to-install, energy monitoring
solution based on EpiSensor’s IIoT infrastructure

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Energy Services

Key Products Used
Key Points of Interest
  • Rapid-install reduced overall project costs
  • Highly-secure, proven technology
  • Wireless, mesh and Zigbee technologies
  • 5A/250V switching capability
  • Measurement range 0.1A to 3kA
  • Chosen for scalability

With a focus on operational technology and digital transformation, Capula has been a leader in advanced system integration for decades; optimising energy efficiency, intelligent asset management and delivering operational performance for asset and energy-intensive clients. They work in some of the most highly regulated and challenging industrial environments.

The Challenge

Capula wanted to develop an energy monitoring offering with open architecture, simplifying installation and making it easier to replace any device with minimal dependencies. Most existing solutions on the market force companies to buy into a complete suite and the lower cost solutions take time and effort to install, which can prove to be very expensive.

“Commissioning and installation costs can be huge - and most people find this out the hard way. It’s not difficult to monitor electricity and power, you just buy a chip and plug it in - this has been done for decades already. Our challenge was to reduce the cost of installation and commissioning.”

David Robinson, Global Strategic Business DevelopmentCapula

Capula noted that a quick Google search surfaced a few emerging products that had the features required for the project, however EpiSensor products stood out as proven and highly-trusted, having been on the market the longest (since 2007). The EpiSensor IoT infrastructure had the features and functionality required for the project and they were easy to install. Capula stated that having easy access to EpiSensor product documentation was instrumental in their decision-making process.

Capula is set to boost volume and strengthen its production facilities in its latest programme of investment. Source: Capula via Zenoot.

Source: Capula via Zenoot.

Our Contribution

With the EpiSensor solution, Capula managed to reduce the cost of installation and commissioning and take advantage of the features and resilience offered by wireless, mesh and Zigbee technologies – such as the ability to heal the network and bring devices back online automatically if they ever drop out.

Generic Energy Management Diagram EpiSensor

“EpiSensor’s products really are install-and-forget. They just work, which means we spend a lot less time on-site. We can often install, commission, and start to visualise data for a customer within a day - sometimes even for multiple sites.”

David Robinson, Global Strategic Business DevelopmentCapula
A Powerful Result

Before EpiSensor, Capula had to continually return to sites in response to errors. Now, with the resilience and robustness of the EpiSensor technology they have almost eliminated site revisits – saving money for both Capula and their customers. That’s a powerful result.

"EpiSensor gives us confidence that we can scale our business and take our energy monitoring solutions worldwide.”

David Robinson, Global Strategic Business DevelopmentCapula

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