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ETS drives transformative results in retail with EpiSensor's advanced energy monitoring IoT solutions

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Energy & Technical Services (“ETS”)


Bristol, Pill, UK

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Woodie’s Retail


System Integrator

Key Products Used
Key Points of Interest
  • 74 meters installed across 36 sites.
  • Over 300 site-specific alerts to monitor energy usage and identify improvement opportunities for Woodie’s.
  • Leveraged integration with Spacewell Energy, accelerating data visualisation. 
About our Partner

For 25 years, Energy & Technical Services (“ETS”) has been delivering comprehensive energy management and building services engineering solutions across the UK and Europe. ETS specialises in building performance auditing, real-time utility consumption monitoring, ISO 50001 (and other energy-efficiency) certifications, systems integration, and project management. ETS is committed to helping its clients optimise energy performance, reduce spend, and accelerate their transition to sustainable energy.

Partnering for growth

Recognising the need to scale their energy management business in Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe, ETS sought a flexible, scalable, and reliable IoT partner to collaborate with them on programmes such as energy audits, energy management programmes, and commercial initiatives that help their customers reduce energy costs. EpiSensor proved to be an optimal partner for ETS’s growth strategy.

Programme summary

In collaboration with ETS, EpiSensor integrated its advanced wireless electricity usage monitors, digital signal sensors and powerful API-enabled gateways across 36 retail sites for Woodie’s retail, the market leader in DIY, Home, and Garden Supplies in Ireland. Spacewell Energy (Dexma) energy intelligence platform was used to elevate energy performance, achieve cost savings, and establish a robust foundation for comprehensive energy management. 

ETS delivered transformative results for Woodie’s, made possible by the accurate and real-time data provided by EpiSensor’s cutting-edge hardware. EpiSensor’s seamless integration with Spacewell Energy also played a pivotal role in accelerating the implementation of the programme, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Woodie's Retail Store

Woodies Retail Store Ireland,. Image Source: Spacewell Dexma,

"This partnership is proof that transformative results in energy efficiency and spend can be achieved through innovation and collaboration. We're immensely proud to partner with ETS and Spacewell Energy on this success story in retail energy management."

Cristina CoffeyChief Strategy Officer, EpiSensor


The Challenges Faced by Woodie’s

Woodie’s, like many retailers, was struggling to identify high-energy consumption assets and electricity usage patterns, preventing them from implementing cost-saving measures to reduce the impact of escalating energy costs. Lastly, the absence of continuous monitoring meant sites were vulnerable to undetected anomalies, leading to higher energy costs and maintenance challenges.

The Power of Collaboration

 ETS effectively navigated the challenges faced by Woodie’s by harnessing the unique advantages offered by both the EpiSensor IoT solutions and the Spacewell Energy intelligence platform. EpiSensor’s hardware provided accurate and real-time data insights, empowering ETS to conduct real-time monitoring, review granular data analysis, and generate valuable insights. Simultaneously, the Spacewell Energy platform facilitated additional capabilities, including automated alerts and notifications, as well as benchmarking and comparison. This collaborative approach enabled ETS to substantially enhance energy efficiency and cost-saving results for Woodie’s.

Programme-critical components included:
  • Accurate, Real-Time Data:  EpiSensor’s hardware facilitated the provision of accurate and real-time energy data, enabling ETS and Woodie’s to rapidly address energy anomalies.
  • Data Visualisation: Leveraging data extracted from EpiSensor’s API-enabled Gateways and Spacewell Energy’s platform, ETS performed data analysis and produced comprehensive management reports regarding energy consumption patterns. From there, ETS identified energy-saving opportunities, enabling Woodie’s to prioritise investments, and make informed decisions regarding operational changes.
  • Site-Specific Alerts: Configured site-specific alerts, utilising the real-time data from EpiSensor’s meters, enabled site leads to promptly identify anomalies or deviations from established benchmarks, helping to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Reduced Site-Visits: The deployment of EpiSensor’s meters and sensors, coupled with the energy management system’s overall enhanced efficiency, led to a decrease in site visits and ongoing maintenance for Woodie’s, critical in the context of retail.
Setting New Standards of Excellence in Retail Energy Management

The implementation of EpiSensor’s smart energy monitoring solution, in collaboration with ETS and Spacewell Energy, not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Woodie’s but also laid the groundwork for a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible energy management strategy. The real-time monitoring and data analysis capabilities provided by our solution have empowered ETS to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and cost savings for Woodie’s, setting a new standard for energy management in the retail industry. This success highlights our commitment to supporting partners like ETS in delivering innovative solutions for enhanced energy management.

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