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Firstly, thank you to everyone who joined us for our recent live webinar on 17th April 2024, where we shared a preview of our latest advancements in Demand Response technology and a short demo of Edge Snaps & Edge Flows, our most recent IoT software developments. It was fantastic to have participants from every corner of the globe join us – including participants from Australia joining at midnight! Thank you also to those who could not make it on the day and reached out directly to request the recording.

So, what did we cover?

Hosted by Brendan Carroll, CEO, and Cristina Coffey, CSO, EpiSensor, this webinar was designed to showcase the technology available to you to accelerate demand response programmes at your organisation, faster, and across a variety of asset types and sizes (as low as 10Kw, as high as 10Mw!). 

Here’s a summary of what we discussed: 

An overview of the problem we are addressing: We began the webinar by explaining the crucial role of IoT infrastructure in advancing sustainable energy, particularly highlighting how our IoT systems support global electricity grids. We discussed our partnerships, emphasizing our collaboration in driving the energy transition through the provision of high-performance, user-friendly energy management and demand response technologies. What makes us different is that all our technology can be deployed rapidly, without the need for specialist expertise, something our partners truly value.

Inspiring Case Studies: 

Introduction to Our Most Advanced Gateway: Following the story of our growth and strategic partnerships, we unveiled enhancements to the mechanical design and IP rating of our Gateway. We introduced a new Zigbee radio for improved range and performance and discussed new digital I/O options for simpler demand response applications.

Advancements to our Demand Response Controller (ZDR): We highlighted the ZDR’s enhanced capabilities, such as detecting and correcting electrical installation issues remotely, supporting power monitoring for both import and export (ideal for solar PV and battery systems), and offering multi-point collaboration for better accuracy at varying currents. Additional features include a highly accurate, class 0.55 power meter, 20 ms resolution for event data recording, and much more.

Preview of Edge Flows and Snaps: Including ‘drag and drop’ functionality for users, simplifying node management, and enabling site and project leads to rapidly make infrastructure changes without needing specialist knowledge. 

Interactive Q&A Session: The webinar featured an engaging Q&A, especially as we delved deeper into the functionalities of our new Gateway, ZDR, and Edge. The insightful questions from our global audience were a testament to the relevance and impact of our technologies.

Let’s keep the conversation going 

If you would like to discuss a specific project or would like to arrange a demo for your team, feel free to book a call here

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