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Dublin, Monday 20th November EpiSensor, a leading innovator in IoT infrastructure for the sustainable energy transition, proudly announces a win at the prestigious Technology Ireland Industry Awards, in association with IBEC, securing the highly-coveted “Technology Innovation of the Year 2023” award. This recognition highlights EpiSensor’s commitment to developing innovative and transformative technology that contributes to the global energy transition. 

About our Award-Winning Technology

The award acknowledges EpiSensor‘s solutions for Demand Response, a set of technologies that can support the electricity grid in times of need, by reducing demand, moving sites to battery backup, or exporting power to the grid, which is essential as we integrate more intermittent renewables. EpiSensor’s technology aims to meet the most demanding technical requirements, while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of deployment, enabling our partners to deploy to more sites, more quickly, and at lower cost.

“We are delighted that our innovation in demand response technology has been recognised by Technology Ireland. EpiSensor was selected for this award by an experienced panel of judges from a wide range of industries, and for us it marks a significant milestone in the technology becoming more mainstream and recognised as an essential component of the sustainable energy transition. It’s a testament to the dedication of our team at EpiSensor.”, said Brendan Carroll, CEO of EpiSensor.

World-Firsts in Demand Response 

Trusted by the world’s most advanced energy services companies, such as the leading demand response aggregator, Enel X, EpiSensor’s demand response technology has been integral in achieving world-firsts, including the recent delivery of an innovative programme in Taiwan involving the aggregation of 2,500 scooter battery-swapping stations into Enel X’s Virtual Power Plant (in partnership with Gogoro) and a transformative programme that leveraged Microsoft data centre UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems for grid support, that you can read more about here. Demand response is emerging as one of the pivotal factors in the energy transition and EpiSensor is committed to providing the cutting-edge technology needed to accelerate its widespread adoption. 

Cristina Coffey, CSO at EpiSensor, highlighted the significance of the award, saying: “Receiving this recognition for our demand response controller is particularly significant. In the evolving energy landscape, demand response is emerging as a transformative strategy for delivering positive change. Our technology, already involved in pioneering programmes worldwide, underscores its transformative impact. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead!”

Global Recognition and Thanks

EpiSensor extends gratitude to Technology Ireland and the esteemed judging panel for this acknowledgement. The company congratulates fellow winners and nominees and remains dedicated to expanding its global partnerships in demand response and energy monitoring.

Explore More:

For further information about EpiSensor’s award-winning demand response technology, read here

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