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Scale smoothly from a single site, to a country-wide deployment using the same architecture.

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 27, 2017 – Built on Dell’s new Edge Gateway 3000 Series hardware, which was launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this morning – it combines private cellular connectivity from Asavie with EpiSensor’s Industrial Wireless sensors – enabling customers to stream accurate, real-time sensor data to the cloud from anywhere in the world.

What’s different about this kit?

It’s ready to scale from a single site to a country-wide deployment, without the need for custom software development or hardware design.

There are a huge number of IoT starter kits on the market right now, using platforms like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino which have done an amazing job at bringing electronics and software development to a wider audience, but the reality is that building reliable connected devices and a secure system architecture is difficult.

Who is it for?

This kit is aimed at people building complete Industrial IoT solutions, who want to focus on delivering value to their customers, rather than investing in hardware design and embedded software.

It’s suitable for a wide variety of Industrial IoT applications including energy management, asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, automated demand response, precision agriculture & many more. The kit can easily be expanded to include EpiSensor’s full range of industrial wireless sensors.

Sensors can be connected easily to leading IoT cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Watson IoT, as well as many industry-specific software platforms.

How open is it?

Industrial IoT is about specialised vendors coming together to offer better solutions than any one company could alone, but it’s essential that the platform you build remains open. With our Industrial IoT Accelerator kit, you have complete control to change out any layer of the ‘IoT stack’, from sensor to server. Data is transferred in industry-standard formats, and all of the system documentation is published online.

In fact we go a step further – because the Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series is running the latest Ubuntu Core operating system, 3rd party apps can run on the Gateway alongside the EpiSensor connectivity app. This future-proofs the platform, so the infrastructure you invest in now can be used for other IoT applications in the future (like security, local analytics or automated demand response) and you have complete freedom to change out any component.

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