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Sustainability Consultants, Facilities Managers, and ESCOs are increasingly tasked with implementing innovative and efficient energy monitoring solutions, without the budget for substantial capital expenditure. The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2023), and the revised EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EBPD) will significantly raise the bar for transparency and performance in energy consumption. Organisations will be obliged to not only track and report their energy consumption but also implement continuous improvements in energy efficiency. Regulatory advancements, coupled with energy price uncertainties, and an appetite to become more sustainable, means that organisations must embrace advanced technologies and methodologies to meet energy compliance obligations and drive sustainability goals while managing costs effectively.

The EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) Certified Grant, provided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), presents a significant opportunity for companies planning such energy management projects. So, what are the benefits of the EXEED grant and the project eligibility criteria? 

Understanding EXEED and Its Benefits

The EXEED Certified Grant Scheme is designed to promote innovation in energy efficiency projects. With a grant support of up to €1,000,000 available per project, the programme encourages organisations to adopt energy-efficient practices both at the outset of building design and at the retrofit stage. 

Who Can Apply?

The grant is available to all organisations undertaking substantial energy upgrades (and new building designs). This inclusivity ensures that various sectors can benefit from the scheme, whether you’re revamping existing structures or creating new, energy-efficient systems. 

Some examples of eligible projects (source: SEAI)

  • Major energy upgrade of any existing commercial, industrial, or public sector buildings/facilities, e.g., shopping centre, hotel, hospital, sports arena,
  • Major multi-year phased energy upgrade of manufacturing facility, 
  • Design of new data centre.

How to Apply?

The application process for the EXEED grant is methodically structured into two stages: design and capital investment. This approach ensures thorough preparation and execution of projects with a focus on achieving EXEED certification upon completion. Details and online application forms are available here on the SEAI website.

Key Dates

The programme is open for applications up until 5pm on the 31st December 2024. The EXEED programme can support projects submitted in 2024 with a completion date up to 1st  October 2025.

Key Requirement 

It is a requirement that you achieve EXEED certification following completion of the project.

The Potential of IoT in EXEED Projects

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is at the forefront of transforming energy management by enabling real-time monitoring and control of energy usage across various systems and equipment. By integrating IoT solutions into your EXEED projects (under capital expenditure), you can leverage granular data insights to optimise energy performance, significantly reduce operational costs, and minimise carbon emissions. This not only helps you to support your clients with meeting EU and global sustainability targets, it can also help your customers boost competitiveness.

Here, we explore just 4 of the ways IoT technology can benefit your EXEED (or any energy management) programme: 

  1. Pre-Investment Analysis: Utilise IoT for detailed energy usage assessments to inform the EXEED design stage processes.
  2. Implementation and Monitoring: Deploy IoT devices and sensors to monitor energy in real-time and ensure that the designed efficiencies are being realised.
  3. Post-Implementation Review: Analyse data collected via IoT technologies to verify energy savings and to refine strategies for ongoing and future projects. 
  4. Demand Management: IoT enables companies with solar and battery assets to optimise demand management and energy consumption, leveraging automation to maximise cost savings and efficiency.

EpiSensor – Your EXEED hardware partner

Specialising in the research, design, and development of IoT infrastructure for energy management and demand response since 2007, we are the hardware partner you need when offering comprehensive EXEED services to your clients. Our technology is used in some of the most complex energy management programmes around the world, by market leaders such as Microsoft, Enel X, Veolia, EnergyCap, Capula, Cool Planet, and ESB. Our energy monitoring infrastructure is easy to use, deploy, and scale, without the need for specialised engineering expertise, meaning programmes can advance quicker. Furthermore, our systems are delivered to you pre-calibrated and with CTs connected, enhancing onsite safety and shortening the commissioning process.

Moreover, our award-winning products are researched, designed, and manufactured in Ireland, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of your chosen hardware. 

The EXEED Certified Grant offers a pathway towards significant improvements in energy efficiency, operational cost reductions, and sustainability enhancements. For Sustainability Consultants, Facilities Managers, and ESCOs, advising on energy management, this is the best time to harness the potential of IoT to meet EXEED standards and lead in the transition towards energy-efficient and sustainable business practices.

Ready to get started 

Our energy management experts are on hand to help you get started and design the systems you need to deliver best-in-class EXEED solutions to your customers. Arrange a consultation today

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