Industrial IoT for (Automated) Demand Response
Real-time, accurate energy usage data to power your demand response solution.

What is demand response?

Demand response, or automated demand response (ADR) involves utility companies responding to increased demand on the electricity distribution grid by requesting that consumers reduce load, as opposed to the traditional approach of engaging additional power stations to increase supply.

This can be more cost effective for the utility, more environmentally friendly, and an advantage to the consumer because they are typically paid for making this capacity available, in the same way a traditional power station would be.

What are the benefits?

Demand response has the potential to revolutionise electricity distribution by adding an intelligent link between the supply side (electricity generation) and the demand side (electricity consumption).

This can dramatically reduce the environmental impact associated with electricity generation, making it possible for greater adoption of renewable energy sources which are naturally intermittent. EpiSensor’s systems provide electrical data and remote control capability to power some of the world’s leading demand/response solutions.

Key Product Features

  • Deploy quickly and easy
  • 3G communications for data back-haul
  • Monitor 3000A + per phase for > 2 megawatt capacity
  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • Monitor pulse or analogue outputs from meters, SCADA and BMS
  • Interrupt based data export for immediate notification of load shedding
  • Enterprise class security from sensor to server
  • Scale to thousands of sites easily
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“Having evaluated many approaches to collecting data for our demand response application, the combined flexibility, security and ease of installation of EpiSensor’s solution means that we can respond to opportunities quickly, with minimum disruption to operations on site, and with confidence that our customer data is secure.”

– Patrick Liddy, EnerNOC

Four reasons to work with EpiSensor on your Demand Response solution

Being able to deploy a reliable monitoring system more quickly and easily, with less disruption to your customers operations can increase your competitive advantage.

EpiSensor’s systems provide high quality electrical load data in open formats, sent securely and reliably back to your server, but with the ease of installation and simplicity of a wireless system.


It’s important to be able to trust the data that’s being produced in any demand/response application, especially as the data is often fed back directly to the electricity distribution grid, and used to calculate payments to customers.

All EpiSensor electricity meters are individually factory calibrated to Class 1 accuracy and can monitor very large electrical loads in excess of 3000A per phase. We pair each meter with a set of CT’s or Rogowski Coils at time of manufacture, and calibrate the electronics using laboratory grade equipment.


With EpiSensor Industrial IoT Platform, many ‘nodes’ or meters can be joined to each IIOT Gateway, many IIOT Gateways can be deployed on each site, and many sites can report data back to a central server in real-time. EpiSensor IIOT Gateways are designed to work over low bandwidth cellular connections, and can push data to any server in efficient open formats like JSON and CSV. You can easily scale solutions to 1000’s of sites, spread across multiple countries, all reporting data in real-time back to your server on the Internet.


Security for a demand response system is paramount. We implement enterprise class security from sensor, to server. Our ZigBee Pro wireless sensor network uses AES 128-bit encrypted communications, operating in the international license-free 2.4GHz ISM band. The key to a secure IoT architecture is simplicity – no EpiSensor software is required on the server-side. Each IIOT Gateway can be configured with unique server access credentials, and will only send data when a secure connection to the server can be verified.

Ease of Installation

EpiSensor’s system has an enterprise class feature set, but we have worked for many years to make the system as easy to install and maintain as possible. Our IoT platform can be commissioned by non-technical personnel, without the need for specialised training or experience with traditional automation system technologies. All aspects of the system can be configured from an easy-to-use web interface on the IIOT Gateway.

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