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In the world of industrial IoT, energy management IoT infrastructure is crucial to the future of our energy ecosystem, grid stability, and energy efficiency in the built environment. However, the choice between traditional industrial IoT systems and advanced wireless IoT solutions (like EpiSensor) can significantly impact your energy programme’s cost, complexity, and effectiveness.  

Here, we delve into the hidden costs and intricacies associated with traditional industrial energy monitoring systems and provide a checklist to consider when choosing an energy monitoring system.

Traditional Industrial IoT Systems
EpiSensor Wireless IoT Solution


High – requires specialist expertise to configure meters

Low – plug and play, electrical installation only


High – given the communications wiring and need for equipment shutdowns

Low – through wireless communications and split-core CTs / Rogowski coils included


High Cost – wired communications & panels have to be cut to install traditional meters, enclosures & accessories usually come at additional costs

Low Cost – No communications wiring required, enclosures are water/dust proof and double-insulated as standard, designed for retrofit, all accessories included

Current Transformers 

Additional Cost – Are not included by default, and require system calibration on site which includes an additional cost, time and expertise investment, -> low system-level accuracy.

Low Cost – CTs are pre-installed and pre-calibrated, with very high Class 1 system-level accuracy, saving time and money


Connecting traditional CTs can pose a safety risk

System includes out-of-the-box protected and pre-connected CTs


Plain insecure data on data wiring, difficult / impossible to update remotely

Fully encrypted, Over-The-Air software updates included as standard



Extensive – monitor up to 50 electrical parameters


Electricity monitoring only

The same wireless system can monitor gas, water, oil, temperature, etc. Unified by our Gateway enabled with Edge environment. Including an on-board app store for extending functionality


Local / onsite

Global remote support and system upgrades

Overall, during the IoT procurement stage, we recommend you challenge the complexity, installation process, comprehensiveness, accuracy level, and security of the system you are considering as it will inevitably add substantial costs if the system you choose is not aligned with the timeframe and specifications of your energy management programme. 

Empowering your future energy programmes

In conclusion, while traditional industrial energy monitoring systems do not typically lack performance credentials, the complex installation process, lack of integrated CTs, and limited remote management capabilities mean they come with a range of hidden costs that can rapidly absorb programme margins and impact project feasibility. On the contrary, advanced IoT solutions like EpiSensor offer a compelling alternative, reducing complexity, cost, and disruption while providing enhanced safety, security, and extensibility. 

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