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The RTO-21 extends the range of the wireless mesh network by relaying data between the nodes and gateway. The RTO-21 is a waterproof, wall-mountable mains powered device.

Electrical Installation

The RTO-21 can be mounted in any convenient location where mains power is available. Installation should be carried out only by personnel qualified in the installation of electrical equipment. The RTO-21 enclosure should only be opened by suitably qualified personnel. All parts of the circuit within the enclosure must be considered to be at dangerously high mains voltage. There is no operational reason to open the enclosure.

The RTO-21 is housed in a waterproof plastic polycarbonate enclosure with a single cable gland at the bottom for the mains supply cable. The RTO-21 requires 2 screws for mounting. These screws can be preinstalled on a vertical surface spaced 120mm vertically apart. The unit includes a two-core, 2 metre mails cable. 

Mounting Instructions

The RTO-21 requires two screws for wall mounting with a head diameter of less than 8.5mm. The screw thickness should be less than 4.5mm. The screws should be left unscrewed by more than 5mm before installing the enclosure.

RTO-21 Mounting Photo

Once the keyhole shaped holes in the housing are placed on the screws, the screws can be tightened to secure the housing. The following diagram shows the keyhole slots and dimensions for this device. 

RTO-21 Mounting Diagram

The RTO-21 should be mounted with the cable gland facing downwards. The RTO-21 has an omnidirectional antenna, but if it wall mounted, the signal strength will be best facing outwards from the front of the enclosure.


The following is a list of all sensors available on the RTO-21. The reporting mode, reporting interval and logging enabled columns refer to the factory default settings, these settings can be configured from the Gateway.

Sensor ID



Reporting Mode

Reporting Interval

Logging Enabled



Debug Sensor – contact for more information





Network Info

Debug Sensor – contact for more information




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