Gateway / Time & Date

The system time may be set from the Settings > Time page. The current system time is shown in terms of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). The system time is composed of three elements:

Time Zone: Select the require time zone from the drop-down list. The default is UTC.

Date: Select the day, month and year from the drop down lists.

Time: Select the hour minute and second from the drop down lists.

Time and Date Settings

After selecting the time zone, date and time, click ‘Save Changes’ for the changes to take effect. Changing the system time will result in the Uptime field on the Dashboard page being reset. Changing the system time will also invalidate the “Time Since Last Data Export” field on the Settings > Data Export page and the “Time Since Last Data Point” on the Nodes > List View Page. These values will be corrected when the next data point is receive, or when the next data export succeeds.

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