Gateway / System

The Settings > System page provides access to various system level commands.

System Settings

Flush Command Queue: Flush the queue of outgoing Gateway commands. The number of pending commands, the issue date and type of the last issued command are summarised in the Commands section at the start of the page shown above (Settings > System).

Form New Network: This command forms a new wireless sensor network. This will result in all nodes on the existing network being disconnected. After forming a new network, “Allow Join” mode should be enabled to allow nodes to join the new network. Forming a new network should only be done after consultation with EpiSensor support.

Note: Nodes must leave their current network before they will attempt to join a new network.

Restart Gateway Application: Restarts the Gateway software.

Shutdown Gateway Application: Shuts down the Gateway software.

Restart Gateway Hardware: Restarts the Gateway hardware (the Gateway software will be restarted as a result).

Shutdown Gateway Hardware: Shut down the Gateway hardware (the Gateway software will be shut down as a result). If it is necessary to power down the system, if possible this should be done using this command as opposed to unplugging the Gateway.

Factory Reset Gateway: This will return the Gateway to a factory default state. All settings will be lost and passwords will be reset. Use this feature with caution.

Factory Reset ZAP: Reset the Zigbee Access Point to a factory default state. All settings will be lost and all nodes will leave the Zigbee network. Allow join mode will be disabled.

Reset ZAP: Soft-reset the Zigbee Access Point. Allow join mode will be re-enabled after the restart if it was in this state prior to the restart.

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