Gateway / Log View

The Gateway writes log messages to file. The currently active log file is called “gateway.log“

The logging mechanism may be configured via the Logs > Log Settings page and archived log files may be downloaded via the Logs > Log File Archive page. The Log View Page displays the contents of the most recent log file. The contents are displayed with the most recent log messages at the top of the page.

Log View

Each log message will include the following information:

  • Time that the log message was generated at.
  • Execution thread that generated the message.
  • The logging level of this message (e.g. INFO).
  • The method that generated the message.
  • The actual details of the log message.

Example log message:

11:02:11,852 01-10-2012 UTC [Thread-6] INFO   - GWMessageHandler.processDING() :Processing DING from long address 000D6F00010B7566

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