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The Home page is the first page encountered after log-in. The aim of the Home page is to provide an overview of the status of the Gateway.

Gateway Dashboard View


Status: The status of the Gateway system. This indicates whether or not the gateway software is up and running. It does not indicate the status of the wireless sensor network. If this parameter is not showing “OK” please contact EpiSensor support.

Time & Date: The current time and date in terms of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Uptime: How long the Gateway application has been running for in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Logging Level: The currently configured Log Level (See Logs > Log Settings for more information).

Sensor Network

This subsection provides information about the wireless sensor network that this Gateway is controlling. The term “Node” refers to all EpiSensor wireless monitoring products. A node may have zero or more “Sensors”.

Example: an EpiSensor TES-11 temperature sensor node has two sensors: a temperature sensor and a battery level sensor.

Node Usage: How many nodes are currently joined to this Gateway. There is a progress bar which shows the current usage level and the maximum allowed. The maximum number of nodes that can be connected to the current release of Gateway is 100.

Node Status: The node status in terms of inactive and active nodes. Active nodes are nodes that are operating as expected, inactive nodes are nodes that have not reported data as expected.

Allow Join: The ‘allow join’ status indicates whether or not the Gateway has opened the network for new nodes to join. (See Settings > Add Nodes for more information).

Sensor Usage: The number of sensors that have been enabled on this Gateway. This value is shown on a progress bar – the current maximum number of sensors (individual data feeds) that can be enabled on the NGR-30-3 Gateway is 2000.

Export Enabled Sensors: The number of sensors that have been enabled for ‘data export’ on this Gateway. This parameter is useful when licensing 3rd party software products.

Data Export

This subsection displays information relating to the data export features on the Gateway.

Last Export: Displays the amount of time that has passed since the Gateway last exported data.

Export Type: The active data export ‘driver’.

Export Interval: How often the Gateway is configured to export data.


This section provides an overview of how the Gateway is connected to a LAN or the Internet.

Connection: Shows the active network interface – this could be Ethernet or Cellular modem.

Internal IP: The IP that the Gateway has been configured with or assigned by a DHCP server.

External IP: If the Gateway has Internet access, this is the Gateway’s IP address on the internet. This is determined by polling an external server on the Internet. 

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