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New Gateway Enables Small Businesses and Multi-Location Businesses to Control Energy Costs

By April 12, 2013 No Comments

Limerick, Ireland–April 10, 2013–EpiSensor, a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless energy monitoring systems, is pleased to announce its new entry-level gateway that enables small businesses or businesses with multiple locations to improve energy performance and lower energy costs by monitoring energy usage in each location.

“With an affordable price tag, this new entry level gateway enables businesses with multiple small locations to cost-effectively install our wireless energy monitoring system,” says Blandine Fitzgerald, Director of Sales at EpiSensor.  “Because this new smart gateway has all the features of our high-volume smart gateway, small businesses will be able to take advantage of  a robust end-to-end energy management solution.”

Like the its high-volume predecessor, the new EpiSensor smart gateway, NGR-30-3, collects and logs data for Ethernet access through a built-in web server, and will deliver the sensor data to virtually any enterprise-level software system for energy data analysis and archiving.  The gateway doubles as the network management tool, providing an intuitive web interface to quickly and easily deploy the wireless monitoring system. Since no specialist training is required to install and commission the EpiSensor system, it is quick to deploy and simple to support.

The EpiSensor wireless energy monitoring system uses advanced wireless self-healing mesh networking technology to collect data from wireless nodes. The system is built on open industry standards, and the sensor networks use ZigBee® wireless technology (IEEE 802.15.4) which operates in the ISM band.

About EpiSensor

EpiSensor is a leading provider of wireless energy monitoring systems that uniquely combine reliability, ruggedness, and interoperability to systematically improve energy performance, lower energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

While meeting the harsh demands of industrial environments, the company’s integrated enterprise-class monitoring systems are flexible, scalable and easy to install and maintain. A series of feature-rich wireless sensors provide visibility of electricity, oil, gas, water, temperature and humidity. Innovative gateways, which interface with virtually any enterprise-level software system, simplify system management and provide instant access to data for immediate improvements to energy performance.

Based in Ireland, EpiSensor has lowered energy costs for Fortune 500 customers in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America.  To learn how EpiSensor wireless monitoring systems can lower you energy costs, visit


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