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eSight Energy in partnership with EpiSensor to offer turnkey energy management solution

By March 8, 2013 No Comments

Episensor, a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless energy monitoring systems has partnered with eSight Energy to offer an end-to-end energy management system to clients. Alongside its existing wireless energy-monitoring sensor technology, Episensor will be offering eSight Energy’s web-based aM&T software, eSight, which allows organizations to monitor and reduce energy consumption.

EpiSensor’s new generation of sensors uniquely combine reliability, ruggedness and interoperability to systematically improve energy performance, lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact. The EpiSensor smart gateway collects data for access through a built-in web server, which seamlessly integrates with eSight energy management software allowing users to pinpoint energy waste and identify areas in which to make savings.

eSight’s powerful energy analysis techniques range from baseload analysis to multi-variable regression analysis, providing users with the tools to make sense of energy data and increase efficiency. Further features include automatic alarms, financial analysis and energy dashboards, which allow users to set and achieve energy saving targets.

Blandine Fitzgerald, Director of Sales at EpiSensor commented:

“At key customer sites in Ireland, the eSight Energy Management Suite integrates with our wireless energy monitoring system to provide a robust end-to-end energy management solution. Because the eSight suite is both modular and expandable like the EpiSensor system, and is 100% web-enabled, both we and our customers have found that the level of functionality offered is indeed best of class.”

Steve Norman, Managing Director at eSight Energy Ltd added:

We’re delighted to be in partnership with EpiSensor, the forward-thinking wireless Episensor technology complements eSight’s advanced analysis capability to offer an excellent turn-key energy management solution.”

About EpiSensor

EpiSensor is a leading provider of wireless energy monitoring systems that uniquely combine reliability, ruggedness, and interoperability to systematically improve energy performance, lower energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

While meeting the harsh demands of industrial environments, the company’s integrated enterprise-class monitoring systems are flexible, scalable and easy to install and maintain. A series of feature-rich wireless sensors provide visibility of electricity, oil, gas, water, temperature and humidity. Innovative gateways, which interface with virtually any enterprise-level software system, simplify system management and provide instant access to data for immediate improvements to energy performance.

Based in Ireland, EpiSensor has lowered energy costs for Fortune 500 customers in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America.

To learn how EpiSensor wireless monitoring systems can lower you energy costs, visit

About eSight Energy

eSight Energy provides energy management solutions for use across any type of building or process. With installations across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, solutions are provided through a network of resellers and systems integrators. Products from eSight Energy allow organisations to cut energy consumption, reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions.

eSight® is an enterprise wide solution for managing energy across both large single site organisations and multi-site organisations often with a global reach. eSight® integrates diverse systems regardless of manufacturer into a single solution allowing energy management to be easily managed over the Internet using a standard web browser. eSight® is a multi-lingual application allowing easy deployment across multinational companies.

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