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EpiSensor Energy Monitoring System Enables Balanced Environment in Sustainable Bank Building

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Limerick, Ireland−May 21, 2013EpiSensor, a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless energy monitoring systems, is pleased to announce that a leading financial institution, widely recognized for its energy efficiency, has installed EpiSensor’s new generation Wireless Energy Monitoring System in its IFSC premises in Dublin.

The installed EpiSensor system includes a Smart Gateway and multiple wireless sensors monitoring energy usage, including electricity, water, gas, heat, temperature and humidity.  Each of the EpiSensor wireless sensors sends data to the Smart Gateway, which in turn provides the data to an external energy management system.  The gateway doubles as the network management tool, providing an intuitive web interface to quickly and easily deploy the wireless monitoring system.  

“The recovery of critical energy and environmental information using the EpiSensor system has enabled building services engineers to establish a balanced office environment throughout the facility,” says Blandine Fitzgerald, Director of Sales at EpiSensor.  “This information provides facilities management with a clearer picture of energy consumption, enabling them to regulate and standardize the lighting and temperature environment throughout the facility.  This further allows them to optimize operations while reducing both energy- and premises-related costs, providing a more comfortable environment for their employees.”

Prior to the financial institution installing the EpiSensor system, facilities engineers manually monitored areas for energy consumption and trends.  This approach was time-consuming and not 100% consistent.  The EpiSensor system operates such that all live data (energy consumption, flow rates, temperatures, etc.) is retained and stored automatically thereby releasing the teams to carry out other activities.

The IFSC premises consumes the equivalent energy to that of a small town.  In a bid to optimize overall energy efficiency, the financial institution has recently undertaken a new energy initiative to minimize its energy waste and carbon footprint and it would not be possible to quantify these savings without the appropriate measurement tools.  Furthermore use of such advanced technologies will enable the organization to participate in the  ‘Greening the IFSC’ initiative, an inspiring idea that will see many organizations in the area adopting a more sustainable, environmentally benign approach in pursuit of sustainable development.

Senior facilities management in the financial institution believe that energy management, particularly focusing on energy efficiency, is a key area that needs increased focus and in order to do this, it is necessary to be able to measure and understand an organization’s energy profile.  This is where the EpiSensor system contributes significantly; the fact that is wireless is in itself a major benefit.

“Because our system is wireless and requires no special training to install and commission, our customer was able to quickly deploy the system throughout the building and can easily add sensors as needed to fine-tune energy usage,” continues Fitzgerald.  “In addition to identifying areas where energy efficiency can be increased within the building, the EpiSensor Wireless Energy Monitoring System serves as an early warning system, in some respects, in cases where electric motors that are restricted or are nearing ‘end of life’ start registering higher energy consumption profiles’ prompting investigation

The new EpiSensor wireless energy monitoring system uses advanced wireless self-healing mesh networking technology to collect data from wireless nodes.  The system is built on open industry standards, and the sensor networks use ZigBee® wireless technology (IEEE 802.15.4) which operates in the ISM band.  The Smart Gateway connects to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS using standard communications protocols.

The new generation of sensors features logging and time-stamped data locally at the sensor to serve as a redundant back up in case of any network communication issues.  The new sensors, which monitor electricity, water, gas, heat, temperature and humidity, and fuel levels, also support remote software upgrades, which are handled easily through the gateway’s network management tool.

About EpiSensor

EpiSensor is a leading provider of wireless energy monitoring systems that uniquely combine reliability, ruggedness, and interoperability to systematically improve energy performance, lower energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

While meeting the harsh demands of industrial environments, the company’s integrated enterprise-class monitoring systems are flexible, scalable and easy to install and maintain. A series of feature-rich wireless sensors provide visibility of electricity, oil, gas, water, temperature and humidity. Innovative gateways, which interface with virtually any enterprise-level software system, simplify system management and provide instant access to data for immediate improvements to energy performance.

Based in Ireland, EpiSensor has lowered energy costs for Fortune 500 customers in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America.

To learn how EpiSensor wireless monitoring systems can lower you energy costs, visit


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