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EpiSensor Director Shares Vision of Energy Monitoring in the Home

By May 30, 2013 No Comments

During the Open Innovation 2.0 conference, a two-day public event showcasing exciting and innovative new technologies that could be implemented to enhance our daily lives in the future, EpiSensor Director Brendan Carroll shared the company’s vision of energy monitoring in the home. While the EpiSensor wireless energy monitoring system currently enables corporate energy managers to make business decisions to improve efficiency in organizations, Brendan sees obvious benefits for energy monitoring in the home.

“We think this technology will be available in everybody’s home in a number of years. We’ll be able to turn utility bills, like electricity, water and gas bills, into something like phones bills where its itemized and you can actually take action based on this.” In the interview, Brendan gives an example of an electricity bill that provides usage by specific appliance, such as a television, just like a mobile phone bill.

Take a look at the entire interview…skip ahead to 2:11!


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