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Austin, Texas — September 13, 2010 – Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based home control systems, today announced the extension of its EMS 100 Energy Management System through interoperability with load control device and energy monitor manufacturers Entek International LLC, EpiSensor, Jetlun, Eaton, and TED – The Energy Detective. By broadening the ecosystem of interoperable devices within the home area network, Control4, maker of the EMS 100, can help electric utilities offer consumers more ways to participate in demand response programs to save energy, particularly during peak periods. These strategic relationships also give consumers the ability to manage their energy use without smart meters.

Control4 has partnered with leading providers of electricity monitors and load controllers so that consumers can control multiple devices in the home. Leveraging the Control4® platform to automate home appliances and deliver usage information by device, consumers can choose how to respond to or override demand response and price signals from utilities. Control4 will demonstrate the interoperability of its platform with its energy management ecosystem partners at Autovation, September 12th-15th, 2010.

“Control4’s business success has been built by working with strategic partners to simplify the control of the multitude of electronic devices in the home,” said Richard Walker, President of Control4’s Energy Systems Division. “We are applying this expertise to the Smart Grid by seeking the best energy management product partners in order to help our utility customers deliver effective energy and demand management solutions to consumers.”

These strategic relationships benefit consumers by enabling broader control of devices throughout the home. Plug load controllers and sub-metering solutions measure both whole-home and individual appliance consumption and transmit this information back to a Control4® EC-100 energy controller. This effectively empowers consumers with information about their energy use by device with at-a-glance feedback presented in bold, full color graphics on a touch screen display.

To show this expanded capability at Autovation, Control4 will be demonstrating the EC-100’s integration with the Jetlun Appliance Module, a plug load solution to monitor refrigerator and room air conditioner performance and control their impact on peak demand. Similarly, Eaton’s Smart Energy Manager enhances the Control4 solution by providing the utility or the homeowner with remote control of energy loads at both the circuit breaker and at the outlet or appliance level.

In addition, EpiSensor’s SiCA Platform and Energy Inc.’s The Energy Detective (TED) gather whole-house consumption information and communicate in real time to the EC-100, which then delivers enhanced consumption feedback directly to consumers. With EpiSensor’s wireless sensors or the TED 5000, consumers don’t have to wait for a smart meter to begin understanding and utilizing usage data to make more informed decisions about their consumption.

At Autovation, Control4 will be demonstrating how a demand response event initiated through the utility’s AMI system can be received by the EC-100 to deliver automated load control. During peak demand periods, utilities are now able to send signals to homes, and based on the preferences set by customers, can remotely disconnect or cycle electric hot water heaters, pool pumps, HVAC and other large loads using the Entek radio appliance; the Entek product will also be able to control plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) in the home.

The combined EMS 100 partner platform also benefits utilities by enabling them to purchase their end-to-end mass-market demand response, load control or meter-independent monitoring solution from one source. Control4 continues to extend its energy management partner ecosystem to companies with the best products around the world.

About Control4 Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control of consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface. Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation and control of lighting, music, video, HVAC, security, and energy management systems to the broad market through more than 1,600 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 50 countries. Control4 delivers the platform of choice for major consumer electronics companies, hotels, businesses and utilities that require an intelligent, open and affordable control solution.

About Eaton Eaton Corporation is a premier diversified power management company helping its global customers to more safely, effectively and efficiently utilize electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power: Electrical systems and components for power quality, distribution & control; Systems and components that improve aircraft performance, reliability, safety and fuel economy; Hydraulic systems and components that support the needs of commerce and manufacturing across a wide range of markets; Intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel economy; Automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety.

About Entek Founded by a team of former Scientific Atlanta personnel and global business leaders, EnTek has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry. EnTek’s experienced team of professionals is intimately familiar will all major legacy Demand Response formats and models produced since 1980. This experience has enabled EnTek to quickly deploy field proven products and technology worldwide, enabling clients to grow their Demand Response systems, while reducing operating costs safely and reliably. EnTek produces a number of state-of-the-art OEM products for AMI networks. These products incorporate years of Load Control experience and high tech, low cost manufacturing techniques. EnTek has standard offerings off the shelf and engages on a regular basis in OEM development. Visit

About EpiSensor EpiSensor was founded in 2007 to bring a new wave of wireless sensor network & data collection technology to the marketplace. By providing visibility of energy usage EpiSensor aims to reduce energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of associated CO2 emissions. Their products have been deployed and are operating in many locations across Europe, Australasia and North America. EpiSensor headquarters are located on the west coast if Ireland, close to Limerick City and Shannon International Airport. Visit

About Jetlun Corporation Jetlun Corporation is a provider of intelligent network solutions, specifically for energy. The Jetlun Intelligent Management solution (“JIM”) is a complete family of home energy management products that provide granular usage information, enabling a homeowner or property manager to pinpoint areas that are consuming the most power. Visit

About Energy, Inc. Energy, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Charleston, S.C., which designs and manufactures real-time electricity management devices for residential and commercial use. Energy Inc.’s flagship product is a user-friendly, accurate monitor aptly named TED – The Energy Detective. Operating under patented and proprietary technology, Energy Inc. is focused on assisting homeowners, businesses and electric utilities interested in conservation and reducing demand during peak periods. For more information, visit

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