Let us take care of the sensor data, so you can focus on scaling your IoT business

Join thousands of VARs, system integrators, distributors, software partners, and research institutions using EpiSensor and get exclusive access to training, documentation, support, financing and up to 40% additional discount

for VARs & Software Partners

Deploy to more customer sites, faster and at lower cost

Are traditional control and automation systems slowing your IoT business down? Tired of dealing with legacy protocols and systems that were never designed for the Internet? EpiSensor provides a complete range of high quality connected devices that can communicate directly with your platform using open protocols, without any reliance on 3rd party servers or services.

If the growth of your business depends on real-time monitoring, but you rely on accurate, reliable data to deliver your service – you’ve come to the right place.

Get access to priority support, exclusive documentation and tools, code samples, custom data export drivers and protocols, pre-configuration and co-branding of EpiSensor hardware and software – and significant additional discount.

for System Integrators

Offer a new generation of data-driven products and services

Struggling to consolidate a mix of legacy meters, sensors and control systems into a single easy-to-maintain platform for your customers? Interested in delivering a more responsive service by monitoring their systems and assets remotely? EpiSensor’s product range takes the pain out of collecting sensor data from commercial and industrial sites, so you can focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs and reducing down-time for your customers.

If you provide automation systems, control systems, energy management systems, building management systems, refrigeration monitoring, preventative maintenance or similar services and would like to simplify installation and deploy to new customer sites faster, get in touch using the form below!

We can offer volume pricing, stock allocation, financing, support contracts / SLA, extended warranty, introductions to software partners and marketing support – everything you need to deliver complete Industrial IoT solutions to your customers.

for Distributors

An open sensor platform that’s ready to scale

Industrial IoT is disrupting industries and creating new business models – but a significant gap exists in the market between ‘maker’ hardware (like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.) and traditional control and automation systems. For customers building Industrial IoT solutions, what options are there for collecting data, if you don’t have the resources or background to take on an electronics design project, but you also don’t want to be reliant on 3rd party servers and services?

EpiSensor can offer a complete Industrial IoT product range, enabling your customers to scale from the lab to country-wide deployments smoothly, and without the cost and risk associated with electronics development projects.

Contact us using the form below for more information on the services we can offer, like partner discounts, stock allocation, drop shipping, pre-configuration, tech support, extended warranty and flexible commercial terms.

for Research / Education

Build on our R&D with low-level access to metrics and data

EpiSensor is an industry leader in IoT technology. Our engineering team has been breaking new ground in this space for over 10 years, and we are an agile and responsive company. We have worked with a variety of research institutions and collaborated on EU projects to advance the state of the art in terms of the scalability, reliability, ruggedness and user experience of wireless sensor networks in industrial and commercial environments.

EpiSensor’s platform is built on open industry standards, and we make a significant amount of log and low-level status information available, so students and academics can build on the work we have done, and push the boundaries of performance and functionality even further.

If your research or educational institution is interested in working with EpiSensor product, we can offer significant discounts, access to engineering documentation and experimental projects, sample code and support. Get in touch using the form below for more information!

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