The EpiSensor Wireless Energy Monitoring System uses advanced wireless self-healing mesh networking technology to collect data from wireless nodes. Multiple sensors placed throughout the facilities collect the data, and uniquely log the time-stamped data locally at the sensor, to serve as a redundant back up in case of any network communication issues.

EpiSensor gateways collect and log the data for access through a built-in web server, and can deliver the sensor data to a variety of enterprise software systems for archiving and analysis. The gateway also doubles as the network management tool, providing an intuitive web interface to quickly and easily deploy the wireless monitoring system.

The EpiSensor wireless monitoring system is built on open industry standards. The sensor networks use ZigBee® wireless technology (IEEE 802.15.4) which operates in the ISM band. The gateway connects to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS using standard communications protocols.

With a highly rugged design targeted to the harshest of industrial environments, the EpiSensor wireless monitoring system is equally suited for installation in commercial facilities or clean rooms as it is in the harsh environments of food processing halls or medical or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Waterproof enclosures are standard across the product line, and most products are housed in high quality chemical resistant polycarbonate enclosures.

No specialist training is required to install and commission the EpiSensor system. This makes the system quick to deploy and simple to support. As it is fully modular, the scalable system can be installed with minimum disruption to normal operations.





  • Ease of retrofitting wireless meters
  • Data logging at meter and gateway level
  • Highly accurate Class 1 meters
  • Modular and scalable system
  • Waterproof polycarbonate enclosures for industrial/harsh environments
  • Interoperable with third party enterprise energy management software
  • Real time data available via web server

System Architecture