Gateway / Add Nodes

To add a node to the Gateway first navigate to the Settings > Add Nodes page of the Gateway web interface.

By default the wireless sensor network is ‘closed’ and does not allow new nodes to join. From this page, the network may be ‘opened’, thus allowing new nodes to join. Similarly from this page, an ‘open’ network may be ‘closed’ which re-enables the wireless sensor network and prevents new nodes from joining.

If a network is currently ‘closed’, it may be opened by selecting the Allow Join ‘Enable’ radio button and selecting the time period for which Allow Join should be enabled for, then clicking ‘Submit’.

Allow Join Mode

If a network is currently ‘open’, it may be closed by selecting the Allow Join ‘Disable’ radio button, and submitting the form.

Note: If a network is currently ‘open’ and allow join mode is enabled for X amount of time, this will override the previously selected time period.

For adding nodes to a network when the ZAP (ZigBee Access Point) firmware version is lower than 1.60, please contact The firmware version of the ZAP can be checked on the Settings > Sensor Network page.

When “allow join” mode has been enabled on the Gateway, mains powered nodes that are in a factory default state should detect the open network and join the Gateway. They will appear in the Nodes > List View page. To add battery powered nodes to the Gateway, press and hold the button until the LED flickers and then turns on constantly, and then release the button. This will wake the battery powered node up from a low power state and force it to scan for open networks, (assuming the node is in a factory default state). For the location of the button and LED see the relevant section of the user guide relating to that product.

To join nodes that have already been associated with another Gateway, a ‘factory reset’ will be required. For instructions on resetting a node to the factory default state, see the “Button and LED Interface” section of this document. 

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