Gateway / Graph View

The Gateway maintains a finite store of sensor data during runtime. The Data view functionality is not intended as an analysis tool but rather as an installation, debug and engineering tool. The stored data may be viewed as a graph. This data store is not persistent through restarts of the Gateway. Restarting the Gateway will mean that the data store in cleared. However, data that is queued for export is not lost (See Settings > Data Export page for more information).

To get started, navigate to the Data > Graph View page. By default, data from the first sensor in the list will be shown on the graph. To view data from another sensor, simply select it from the drop-down list and click ‘Build Graph’.


From here the parameters of the data graph may be selected and the graph will be displayed by clicking the “Build Graph” button.

Auto Refresh: Whether or not the graph should be automatically refreshed while the graph page is loaded. If selected, the page will reload every minute.

A node and sensor summary is shown on the left hand side of the page. The graph can be zoomed using the slider control on the bottom of the graph (this feature requires modern browsers). The data point values and timestamps can be displayed by moving the mouse over the graph body.

The type of the graph (choice of bar, area, line, scatter) and the interpolation mode can be selected from the menu on the left of the page, below the node and sensor summary. The default graph type is ‘Bar’. These values will be persisted through reloads of the page.

The Data View Graph may also be reached from a link in the drop down menu on each Node > Settings page. In this case the default graph building options are used (default graph type with auto-refresh disabled).

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